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Our Philosophy

“We Make Your Green, Greener.”

Brilliant people are doing everything they can to produce cleaner, more abundant energy. But right now, those alternative energy solutions simply cost you more money.

SunView Integrated Solutions offers you a better alternative: We help industry, business and even municipalities just like yours reduce the amount of energy you use. (While still getting all the same work done.)

We guarantee your savings in writing, and can perform the entire upgrade without a dime up front. Nothing new to learn, no changes to the way you operate; just reduced electrical consumption.

What you do requires a lot of electricity to get it done. Making every motor, pump and system you use capable of working as efficiently as possible is our top priority.

That helps the Environment. That helps your people. That helps your Bottom Line.

We love what we do.

Meet the Team

SunView Integrated Solutions is an amalgam of four cutting edge industry leaders in the business of Energy Consumption Reduction & Savings. Each business brings a unique advantage to the Group, allowing us to offer the very latest in technologies.

Zero cash out of pocket, savings guaranteed in writing.

There is not a single entity in the world who can do everything for you, that we do.


Sourcing the only very latest technology available from Japan, South Korea and the United States (as well as their own proprietary technologies), SunView LED custom builds every system they provide, using only the finest components available. Their LED lighting solutions deliver the highest candlepower for the least wattage required of any LED for sale today.


Energy Efficiency Solutions helps organizations gain electricity efficiency in existing facilities by installing power treatment technologies to the individual loads in a facility and, where needed, installing passive or active power quality correction at either individual loads, individual branch circuits, or the master service entrance.


Energy Integrated Solutions has been providing energy efficiency and power quality solutions to industrial and commercial customers for over 30 years. They have completed projects around the world for Fortune 500 customers, and for many smaller customers. EIS offers a full range of best-in-class energy conservation and power quality improvement measures addressing all the major load groups in a typical facility (equipment motors, lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, air compressors). Also providing ongoing Measurement & Verification services to make sure their solutions deliver the savings promised.


APANET Green System Ltd was established in 2010. It was separated from its mother company APANET which was involved in using modern devices and technologies in designing automation and control systems. The new company focuses on smart systems for power consumption reduction and electricity usage rationalization. The company develops systems helping to implement “SmartGrid” and “SmartCity” concepts.

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