Smart Lighting

Where Ecological Wisdom meets Economical Intelligence

Apanet’s GreenLight system operating philosophy:

“Adjust light levels according to road conditions and traffic volumes while dimming or switching off lights completely when it makes sense.”

Save up to 70 percent of your in electricity consumption on street lighting.

By reducing overall electrical consumption, the system helps your organization or municipality reduce Co2 emissions drastically.

The advantages are clearly twofold: You benefit now by spending significantly less of your operating budget on electricity, and our children benefit as you contribute to a greener environment.

SunView Apanet Smart Lighting Systems

SunView Apanet is an international Smart Lighting company out of Poland. We have been providing state-of-the-art intelligent lighting systems to municipalities all over the world, for the past 15 years.

Our solutions are time-tested, proven and well understood. The money we save for our clients is significant and well documented.

While our primary market for these solutions tend to be Municipalities, the applications also work very well for Automobile Dealers & Groups, Car Rental Agencies, Office Complexes, Shopping Malls and anywhere else Lighting is a major cost.